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CHARLES PRENTISS is an artist, museum exhibit designer and architectural and color consultant living in Santa Cruz County, CA. As an artist he works primarily as a painter and printmaker. Born in Astoria, Oregon, he grew up in Orange County, CA., attended UCLA as an art major  and graduated from UC Riverside in Zoology. He was the Curator/Director of the Santa Cruz City Museum of Natural History from 1969-98. Charles lives with his family in a co-housing group (aka commune) in La Selva Beach, CA.    

TAKE A LOOK at the La Selva Commune   

VISIT some of Charles’ family:

Carlos Prentiss, wood designer and craftsman
Kate Prentiss, graphic designer
Matt Clarke, Director of Photography/Producer
Molly Prentiss, writer  
Forrest Lewinger, potter, artist, musician
The Kitchen Sisters, Nikki Silva, radio producer